X509 Online

Use X.509 cryptography sharing your public keys from self-signed-certificates.

Developers who sign software with self-signed certificates can register their public keys associated to a GitHub account.

Users can search and install developer certificates to enable digital signature verification.

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Use CertCentral to share the certificates used to sign your MSIX/APPX packages.

To install the CLI tool

Install .NET Core SDK 2.1.

dotnet tool install -g dotnet-ccc

To share your public keys

Create a self signed certificate

Register with your GitHub account. And use your ApiKey to authenticate from the CLI.

ccc login -u USERNAME -k APIKEY

Select and publish a certificate from your CurrentUser\My certificate store.

ccc push

View and manage your certificates.

To trust certificates

Trust a certificate by thumbprint (requires elevation).


List all registered users.

ccc users

List certificates associated to a user.

ccc certs -u USERNAME

Search by thumbprint.

ccc search -t THUMBPRINT

Query the status of the trusted certificates.

ccc trustedpeople